Monday, February 14, 2011

:: Valentine's Day ::

Yup..say what u wanna say...
i'm against Valentine's Day!!! i'm a Pro valentine's Day...why??? besides i NEVER celebrate it in my entire life!

There's no reason to celebrate it! I got my future hubby besides me always and NO NEED to celebrate this V-Day what so ever because if u wanted to celebrate your lover or make them special or feel special..u can do it each day and every seconds for the rest of your life .. you dun have to wait until 14 February every year to do it - such nonsense and waste of time!!

Flower on this day will cost u hundreds and thousand ringgit or dollar! you better buy yourself something better or just help the poor!

so..i dun celebrate it..because everyday i love myself, my family, my friends and my future need to wait for this V-Day...everyday is my special day whenever i'm with them!



Pinky Pixie said...

setuju. tp zaman sekolah dlu ade gak smbut. kehkeh. time xberapa nak tahu. hukhuk

Dia.Honey said...

masa skolah pon tak sambut sebab budak skema....tau buku je! hahhahhahahahaha

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