Monday, May 2, 2011

: boy or gurl? ::

First to study his research you must know that Y equals the male sperm and X equals the female sperm.

1. If you want to have a girl, you should have intercourse 3 or more days before ovulation. Why? The Y sperms seem to be weaker at this time of the month.

2. Penetration into the vagina during intercourse is also important. Shallow penetration seems to favor girls and deeper penetration seems to favor boys? It has to do with the levels of acid PH. The entrance to the vagina has a higher level of acid.

3. Position during intercourse is important. If you want a girl, you should stick to the missionary position. If you want a boy, rear entry (doggy style) is the position you may wish to try.

4. Orgasms also play a role in determining the sex of a child. Actually, it is the female orgasm that plays the role. A woman's body releases a substance that rises alkaline levels when she orgasms. Boys are produced much quicker when there are higher levels of alkaline. For this reason, a woman should not try for an orgasm if she wishes for a girl.

5. If you love having sex, than you will love this idea for making a girl. You should make love every day after the first day of your period until 3 days before you start ovulation. Then you stop until the last day of your next period (unless you get lucky and you have no next period because you are pregnant)

6. Y sperm seems to like cooler temperatures. For this reason, if a man wants a boy child he should not wear tight underwear like briefs. He should wear boxers or underwear that will give him more breathing space. By the same token, you should not begin wearing tight briefs to conceive a girl. Wearing tight boxers just decreases the chances for a man to be fertile.

7. The X sperm likes warmer temperatures. Men wanting a baby girl should try taking a hot bath before intercourse.


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