Monday, June 30, 2014

:: Gajah Tiga Cafe is now OPEN! ::

Here is some great news for all of you the FOOD LOVER...!
Gajah Tiga Cafe is now Open to public!
Here is the details :

Name : Gajah Tiga Cafe
Operating Hours : 10am-10pm
Location : Taman Maluri, Jalan Jejaka. (opposite kolej YPC, go towards pintu gerbang Cybernatics...the cafe will be on the left side)
Instagram : Gajah Tiga Cafe

When i asked Hana about the cafe..this what she said (lepas ni boleh la buat interview TV or magazine nih...)
We at Gajah tiga serve a mix of western and fusion food. I like to call it Malaysian Rojak food. Don't expect the typical nasi campur and goreng-goreng fare. Our specialties are our pastas and burgers. We're working on expanding our menu so look out for future additions!  
We try to keep our prices afforadable, who wants to pay RM50 for a plate of pasta? Not us. So we have kept most of the food below RM25 range.       
Why Gajah? We love elephants! They are a symbol of strength as well as a symbol of responsibility since elephants take great care of their offspring and elders. Elephants also have immense determination and loyalty. And they are also really cute.
Why 3? It stands for the 3 siblings in the family. You have to come over and see the place for yourself. 
We wanted the place to have a very Malaysian feel instead of the typical French/ Italian/ Australian concept cafes popping up all over KL and Klang Valley. We wanted a place that would bring communities together, a place to lepak and have fun. It's that homely Malaysian atmosphere where you can just sit an drink your teh tarik while chatting with your long lost schoolmates for hours on end, laughing till your eyes tear up
I ensure you will taste a good food.
Because i really enjoy the food especially the pasta! Buttery...yummeyh. And the cheese cake...........walaweiiiiiiiiiii...!

So let us enjoy the picture on the Grand Opening day of Gajah Tiga Cafe. Oh  ya, to my dear Adrihana, Kudos and all the best gurl!

Gajah Tiga Cafe on Instagram... Follow 'em

The entrance

The team. and the gurl with that BIG smile is Adrihana the Big Boss.

See the road...the road is nearby kolej YPC...

see this? you have to go under this "pintu gerbang" or "Jejantas" and you will see Gajah Tiga Cafe on your left.

ahhh.....i just love the wall deco

the side entrance

and again i fell in love with the wall deco

good food.....

2 gurls behind the cafe....

i loooooooove the pasta!

comel sangat...feel so honored because of the pink elephant!

me and the Boss...all the best Hana

the cheese cake stick....surely sangat SEDAP......

so..whenever you guys have time....drop by.
mereka semua friendly....just like the boss!

Hello Kitty  Wink Peace - Hellokitty

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