Wednesday, January 14, 2015

:: Review Mascara - Tarte ::

Product Name : Light, Camera, Lashes By Tarte
Product Type : Mascara
Star Rating : 4.5/5

Last 2 weeks i received my Zalora Magic Box. Tq Zalora for the treat!

And suprisingly i received a cute lil' mascara by the name "Light, Camera, Lashes". The packaging looks so-so like a non-magical mascara.

I kept on removing the cap, take a closer look of the this very moment i'm using Lashionista, Big eyes and volum'xpress hypercurl (never do the review but soon i will hahahha)

Suprisingly when i try it, it turns out super great result!!! So i accidenlty fall in love with this mascara. For muslim, it is an easy mascara to remove when taking wudhuk!

The only thing that lack in this mascara doesn't last long. But still it makes me happy!

Okay that's all for my short review, Daaa


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