Thursday, October 31, 2013

:: Di Langit Itu Pandangan Kita Bersatu - My Sky Collection ::


The 1st picture taken from one of my best vacation  destination ever. 
i'm coming back to you soon....i really love this place and the sea and the sunset..and the best ever!

this one taken by me at one of the famous beach in peninsular malaysia

taken from the highway DUKE

at home sweet home

this one taken from my family vacation last year

Hello Kitty  Wink Peace - Hellokitty


Liza Licha said...

eh. kat mana nih? macam best je..

Khumaera Ismail aka Mariam Ismail said...

Subhanallah..memang cantik.lovely..

Fais-SKA said...

Subhanallah..cantik =) damai dan sejuk je mata tengok

izan mama mia said...

dibawah langit yg sama... cantik pic tuu

p/s tq wish besday anak saya...yaa dia mmg peminat hello kitty

Rezatul Akma said...

subhanallah cantik ^^

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