Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Useful Tips To Pack Your Parcel

Having problems on  wrapping and packaging while delivering a parcel?
No worries, as EasyParcel.my is here to share some useful parcel packing tips and making sure that your parcels will arrive in the best possible condition! 

Watch this video for smart parcel packing tips. : Small business shipping - how to ship a package

Always place your clothing in PLASTIC bags before packing them in a box.
                     Keep your items as LIGHT and SMALL as you can as shipping charges are charged based on the parcel size and weight.
                     Use QUALITY material boxes for shipments and use cushioning bubble plastic, polystyrene chips, polyethylene foam and shredded paper to stop your packaging contents from moving. Watch LUSH Quick Tips: Packing Your Parcel for some packaging tips.

Use CORRUGATED cardboard for your shipments and use heavy-duty double-layered board for valuable items.
                     REMOVE all labels if you are reusing a box and make sure that the box is not worn and in good shape.
                      Always use JIFFY bags for small items.
                      Seal the box with NYLON or VINYL TAPE along all edges and openings.
                      If you are sending FRAGILE items, place 'Fragile' or 'Handle with care' label.
                     Make sure you label your parcels correctly if they contain items which are restricted.
                     You have to pick a rigid and lightweight boxes for sending fragile items to reduce your shipping costs. Choose a size a little bigger than your contents to allow you to add protective packaging around the item.
                      Do NOT send dangerous or prohibited goods as you may be liable to prosecution. If you are unsure whether your item is prohibited, view the prohibited goods list.

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