Thursday, May 8, 2014

:: Food Review - Terrible Experience! Grafa Cafe - Subang Jaya

My BFF's hubby actually posted a rather fishy status on his facebook. I replied the status and he is actually feeling angry about something/someone. At first I thought baby D is playing around with the phone eventually i'm wrong. The next thing that i know is my friend ask me to help her to write about this article. Oh..i really can feel her as she was a 'food' person and loves to cook and she DON'T ever or ever ever can accept lay back person/people.

Venue : Grafa, No 55 SS15/4B, Subang Jaya
47600 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Food Styles : American (Traditional),Asian Fusion,Brunch,Burgers,Chinese,Hot Dogs, Pizza,Sandwiches,Seafood,Vegetarian
Operating Hours : Mon - Sun( 12:00 - 01:00 )

Very disappointed with their service.
Ordered pavlova cake, choc blended, bf sandwich steak, chicken chop & sloppy joe. After 10mins drinks n cake arrived, 20mins sloppy joe.... 30mins later table depan blkg ada customer baru duduk. 30mins later.... our food still blum sampai and neighbors all dh got their food!

I started to get restless and ask the waiter.... His reason, bf steak sandwich takes time to cook...! Wen ask how long more we have to wait... "Sekejap saja... Typical!".

Time 9.45pm, anak2 dh meragam... Sekali i saw a plate of chicken chop coming towards me but thru me for customer behind who came just 15mins ago!! What??!!!

Turns out the waiter did not take my order of the chicken chop... The customer behind was kind enuf to give theirs to me bcoz they knew we had waited for long. I was contemplating to touch it eventho the cashier said it was ok as she will key it in later. Surprisingly.... another waiter took the plate frm us and pass it back to the table behind coz he said we did not ordered!!! That was the final straw, we stood up and cancel the other menu.

When i was at the cashier to pay, the poor waiter who had forgotten to take my order properly coz he thought he has a memory of an elephant... got the nerve to ask me to pay for the bf sandwich steak.
Not even a sorry or sign of guilt from him and other staffs when clearly someone made a mistake... Sorry Grafa owner, been here many times but this wld be my last visit.

You better take some precautionary measures to maintain the service quality otherwise.... It will get sloppier!!!

hopefully the management can take a look on this as this is not the first complaint that i read through. Hurmmm.....
Makes me think again if i wanna bring my family or friends there.

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Scha Nazri said...

What the fish? Teruknyaaaa! Haishhhhh

No sense lah dorang ni.

Tetiba geram pulak baca. Grrr

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