Thursday, July 4, 2013

:: 7-Eleven: HELLO KITTY Charms Collection ::

It all started when(for me la)
Few months back :

Heheheheh trimas a lot to the 7-Eleven team (Mashi & Zekree & the rest) yang notice pasal KureSya ya. 
Sangat appriciate korang! (Hopefully we can work together in the future!)

And if people ask 'Adakah KureSya boleh disewa untuk iklan/drama/filem/kenduri kahwin dsb?' (My Hello Kitty car is up for grab ehhh no no no.. for rent!)
Jawapannya adalah : YA! (T&C Apply)
**In fact KureSya dah ada project kahwin for November tapi belum berkesempatan bawak the couple untuk test drive jalan-jalan dengan KureSya..soon kami akan bawak mereka!

cak kureSya cak!

so this the advertisement berkenaan this new product launch by 7-Eleven Malaysia

How to get them?

20 stamps = FREE 1 charm

10 stamps + RM3.90 = 1 charm

Easy? YES! So easy..but there's more!

1) stickers are issued from 1 July 2013 - 8 September 2013
2) Last date of redemption is 15 September 2013 (while stock last)
3) 1 extra sticker if there is a minimum of 1 sponsor product within every RM5 purchase in a single receipt
4) RM5 purchase EXCLUDES cigarrettes and top up services
RM3.90 spent on redemption with 10 stickers does not contribute to issuance of stickers
5) ONLY original stickers are accepted
6) No selection of Hello Kitty charm design is allowed. Once sachet is opened, it is considered redeemed and charms cannot be exchanged or replaced
7) The redemption of Hello Kitty charms is on while stock last basis.
8) 7-Eleven reserves the right to all final decisions and to amend the T&C without any prior notice.
9) Collection card can be downloaded from

CLICK HERE to get the collection card.
CLICK HERE where to get the extremely LIMITED EDITION Hello Kitty Bracelet

how to get EXTRAAAAAAAAAAAA sticker?

Ok tu adalah T&C untuk mendapatkan Hello Kitty Charms from 7-Eleven ye kawan-kawan. So marilah mengumpul charms terbabit!

**cis! cis! tadi p 7-11 PJ sekali bracelet dah sold out! katanya satu store 2 pasang je diberi...huh!
Hello Kitty  Wink Peace - Hellokitty

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Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum best gilak dapat offer! heeeeeeeeee kerlas kereta awak tu... good luck kumpul charm :)))

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