Wednesday, December 4, 2013

:: Car STOLEN! Please HELP! ADP 1588 ::

Dear Friends and Readers.
Need your kind HELP.
If in any case you bump or see this PINK PERODUA KANCIL
Plat number ADP 1588

kindly call the police or contact 0133078485

my friend - Syima.
Her call was stolen at/inside SUMMIT USJ!

they caught a glimpse of the CULPRIT on CCTV....but eventually until now there is no sign of the car or the culprit 

Here is the picture of the car.
I beilieve there is a hello kitty sticker at the back.

Please and please if in any case you see it or found it...please call the police or call Cik Syima.
Thank you so much!

Hello Kitty  Wink Peace - Hellokitty


❤Kamsiah❤ said...

haha..pencuri tu suka kaler pink kut..
thanks follow dan komen kt blog akak

Hafiza AizZawa said...

biar betul kete hilang.. harap dpt dijumpai...

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