Friday, March 3, 2017

:: Review - KFC KL Gateway ::

1st impression?

BAD! BAD!! BAD!!!! BAD!!!!!

I give you guys 0.5 star out of 5.
The pick up system not fully utilized by all crews.
If you guys want to tiru McD make sure you are ready and well trained.
The rule is FIRST in FIRST OUT!
Not First In & Suka Hati Akulah Nombor mana nak OUT!
None of the crew take it seriously...taking and preparing orders accordingly to the order number. They just pick the number as they like.


BAD!! BAD!! BAD!! BAD Service .

I saw the owner inside the kitchen and there are complaints from customer but the facial expression was like.....'whatever'. yes..i mean the 2 'tanned' man one of them wearing white shirt.
Customers starts to swarm in the restaurant like buying football ticket!

As for me i finish ordering at 1316 and only managed to get my order at 1351 (35 minutes!), after i ask and ask and ask the lady at the counter to attend my order. If i didnt act so..i might get my order by tomorrow!! - gah!

(i didnt get what exactly stated pun.. the part that i requested all finish. And i get fries instead of LTD A Bites )

If the crew strictly follow the numbering in orderly form..this issue will not happen. THINK!! I  can see many abandoned orders at the counter, just because the complete order number are scattered and the order screen displaying non-pickup/abandoned order and the crew keep on shouting order number. (Adoilaaaaaa..korang ni.. ada screen untuk nombor korang pekik/laung je nombor.. Possibilities untuk air liur korang dok masuk dalam makanan yg korang tgh pegang dalam tray tu tinggi tau!) verdict is 0.5 out of 5.
Kindly review back your working system. If yiu cant do it the McD/canggih way. Back to your KFC root la. Order & prepare. If not customer will turn green or just mereput or turn old waiting for their order


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